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    Hello, player! In order to begin roleplaying on Indigon, you must complete a character application and have it accepted by a staff member. Use this post as a guide for you as you learn about the world before you and find your own place within it.

    Before writing your application:
    • You may apply to portray a character who already exists in Indigon's lore but is available for portrayal. There are several nobles and even monarchs who need someone to portray them. You can find them here.
    • If you'd rather create your own character, then you may do so, but remember to follow these guidelines for character creation:
      • Your character's name should not be inappropriate or atrocious. We prefer fantasy-themed names, but even normal names are fine.
      • Your character's element should be water, earth, fire, air, or chi, unless you have bought additional elements. In that case, put whichever elements you own and state you have bought them. We will check. Your character's element can be different from the element you currently use, and your character can still change their element with vote points after the application is accepted.
      • Your character cannot have access to abilities a beginning player doesn't have access to. This means you can't say your character can fly, bloodbend, etc.
      • Your character cannot be a noble or monarch (unless you're using a pre-made character from the wiki), and your character cannot be acquainted with a noble or monarch without that noble's permission. They must reply to this application stating that they give you permission to be acquainted with them in some way (and state the specifics).
      • You cannot create a new nation to add to the lore for your character to originate from/be affiliated with. You can create tribes/clans, singular towns, and organizations, but not nations.
      • Your character's age should not be greater than 100 or less than 3.
    • Your character's biography should be a recount of their life from birth up to the present. It should be at least five sentences long and should make at least 2 references to the Indigon wiki. These references should be at least a small nod to something that lets us know your character is part of this world.
    • Your character's skin should have a medieval/fantasy theme. If you choose a pre-existing character from the wiki, try to fit that character's physical description if possible, and if they're a noble or royal, please dress them accordingly. If you're creating your own character, dress appropriately based on occupation, etc.
    The application:

    Copy the following application format into a new thread in this forum ("Character Applications"). The title of the application should include your Minecraft username.

    Minecraft username:

    Character name:

    Character element(s):

    Character gender:

    Character age:

    Physical description (2 sentences at least):

    Personality (2 sentences at least):

    Biography (5 sentences at least):

    Character skin (upload image):
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