Southern Air Elder Application


Out of the Iceberg
1. What is your Minecraft username?

2. For which leader position are you applying?
Southern Air Elder

3. What are your qualifications for this position (leadership experience, roleplay experience, etc.)?
I have excellent leadership skills, I have a very mellow yet firm personality. This results in me always doing what I genuinely think is best for myself and others. I am very strong-willed and will stick to my beliefs and methods, however I will not cut out offers of help or advice. Though I have never been put in an official leadership position, on other avatar servers I have often took control of certain situations. Whether it be planning an event or simply training to be a better bender. In a different avatar server, I was a part of a pro bending team. My teammates and I all took on leader-like positions within our team. That experience provided me the experience of working with others and keeping an open mind. I welcome all bits of advice and am great at making tough decisions for the good of everyone. I am very well versed in roleplaying seeing as i’ve been a part of many servers, including non avatar themed servers, that revolved around roleplaying.

4. How long have you been playing on Indigon? How long have you been involved in bending?
I have not been playing for very long (about a week or so), I’ve been busy with school and things like that. I’ve been involved with bending for about half a year, I’ve learned a lot as a result of being apart of the Fire Nation military in a different Avatar server. Though I am not an expert, I do pretty well and learn extremely quickly. With my dedication and ambition I work very hard to master different moves and techniques.

5. How familiar are you with the Avatar world?
I absolutely adore the world and it’s lore. I’ve watched the show countless times and know more about it than is probably healthy. I always had a very fixed fascination with the four nations. Their bending styles, cultural background, and overall traits that make them so unique have always been so amazing to me. I appreciate and love watching every single aspect of each nation and it’s people. Everything is so beautiful and I am unashamedly in love with every single bit of the avatar world. I’m not only captivated by the world itself and it’s structures, but I adore the lore behind all of it as well. I loved watching and learning about past leaders, the spirits, and even having long discussions about the technicalities behind bending and its complexities. I love discussing the limits of each type of bending and even questioning whether or not any of them truly have limits.

6. Why do you want this position?
I have always wanted a chance to build up the Air Nation into a powerful but peaceful and warm nation. I am very eager to become a world power with the ability to influence many people and assist them with having the best experience. I’d love to bring that extra excitement to the server as well. My ambition and resourcefulness would make me a very capable leader. This knowledge has always made me even more eager to prove myself as an amazing Air Elder. My ambition also leads me to wanting the Air Nations people to be great and thrive once more. Ushering the Air Nation into a new age of glory is my greatest desire and I know that as an Air Elder I’d have the opportunity to make players of the server excited to be part of the nation. I’d also truly like to mend the nation and its tragic history. Compared to others, it is weaker and more fragile. I’d like to fix this and make sure the Air Nation returns to its former state of peaceful greatness.

7. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
My quick learning and ambition truly does make me believe I’d be a great fit for the Southern Air Elder. I will make it my mission to ensure the Air Nation as a whole flourishes in terms of culture and community. As Southern Air Elder, I would look forward to working with the staff to make sure that players have an amazing time playing the game, and their characters have an amazing time living in the game.
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