The Rosarian Chronicles: Part 1

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    Hello, fellow Indigonians. It's Jane, and I'm here to write something. Recently, I've been preoccupied with creating stories that have to do with Indigon. As some of you know, there's a plugin called Lands that we've been using for some time now, and the land I own is called Rosarian. It's a little city on a peninsula on the far western edge of the sea that surrounds spawn. Thanks to Dynmap, I'm now going to be able to show you exactly where this is located so you have a better understanding of how things are. I'm in the thick of creating dense lore about the world of Indigon. They will come to me in fragments, but they will come to me nonetheless. This little introduction to Rosarian was written by a royal scribe in the court of Janeva the First Diothon, Queen (Vesix) of Rosarian. It's a story primarily about Janeva's mother and how Rosarian came to be. I will be switching between a sort of historical synopsis style and sentimental narrative with dialogue.

    The Rosarian Chronicles
    Part One: The Diothonian Inheritance
    Written by Helisa Baristac, Lady of Granten
    The Queendom of Rosarian is perhaps the newest nation-state in all of Indigon. It was of course founded by Janeva Diothon, first-born daughter of Stesana Diothon and Tirion Starcath. Today Her Excellency is eighteen years of age, and her younger sister Deleia is fourteen. Janeva is quite young, but she is not the youngest ruler the world has ever seen.

    Before we pass down the story of Janeva, we must speak of her parents, particularly her mother Stesana.
    House Diothon was the first great house in the world. Its seat is Loth Sirian, the town of beginnings, and in its heyday it controlled the entire Great Sea. The heads of House Diothon held the title Steward of the Great Sea Realm, which gave them complete power over the waters and islands of the Great Sea. Now there is no Steward of the Great Sea Realm, for the realm has since fractured into northern and southern components. Loth Sirian is in the south, so House Diothon now claims the title of Steward of the South Sea Realm. Their secondary titles include Protector of the Ancient Flame, Custodian of the Six Island Temples, and their local title Lord/Lady of Loth Sirian.

    The Diothon dynasty goes back generations, to Doric the First, founder of Loth Sirian and the Great Sea Realm. He, however, is not important for our purposes, and we will instead begin with his descendant
    Ponteric the First, maternal grandfather of Her Excellency, Queen Janeva. Ponteric I was an honorable military man who consolidated Diothonian rule over the entire Great Sea. His marriage to Deosithia Hexen, daughter of Deosith Hexen, 1st Witch-Lord of Hexen Castle, further cemented his rule in the Great Sea.

    Ponteric's only true failure as the Steward was raising a stable family of his own. He had four children: Ponteric, Stesana, Deosithia, and Eloric. In realms where
    stewards rule, gender has no importance on inheritance laws. Therefore, Ponteric's successors should have been his son Ponteric, then Stesana, then Deosithia, etc. During the later stages of the life of Ponteric I, when all of his children were young adults, a new faith began spreading throughout the realm, a monotheistic religion that worshipped the god of the sea, Dodeum. The traditional Indigonian pantheon worshiped only the Minagoni (the family of Aztlan) and the Vavashi (the Ancients, elemental gods), so this new cult was deemed heretical by the majority of the Diothon family. The youngest son of Ponteric, Eloric, named for his grandfather, saw the potential of this new cult and converted. He proclaimed himself High Priest of the Great Sea Temple and began training his fellow worshipers of Dodeum in the ways of war.

    Eloric's new personal army, called the Servants of Dodeum, was then a force worthy of note. Back in Loth Sirian, the Stewardess Deosithia Hexen saw what her son Eloric was up to and wanted to put a stop to it. She urged her husband Ponteric to summon Eloric and force him to relinquish his personal army and new heretical faith, but Ponteric didn't see it as that much of a problem. Deosithia wrote to her son Ponteric, who was living at Castle Ronda on a far southwestern island in the Great Sea with his wife Davila, warning him that Eloric wasn't to be trusted. She then summoned Eloric herself, who arrived in Loth Sirian in response later that week.

    The Great Hall of Castle Sirian was silent, save for the clinking of ornate utensils, crafted from silvermined below the ruins of Zaxagom. At the head of the long table was the Steward Ponteric Diothon, a large man ripping a chicken leg with his teeth. The Stewardess Deosithia sat next to him, with her daughters Stesana and Deosithia (whom her friends called Deo). Eloric sat where he normally had before slinking off to worship a false god, though amid the normal clicking he could be heard seemingly sharpening his knife.

    "Brother, do not trouble yourself with such menial work. The servants would be happy to sharpen your butter knife for you," Deosithia said, turning to look at him after pushing her wavy brown locks out of her face so as not to poison her food with all her hair products. She was a year older than Eloric but much more naive.

    Stesana and her mother exchanged looks and then resumed eating while Ponteric paid no heed.

    "No, it's no problem at all. It's just not sharp enough. I'll do it myself." Eloric looked at his reflection in the butter knife.

    "I imagine he has grown accustomed to such work, Deo," Stesana remarked. "Sharpening blades and all. He doesn't need the servants to do this for him, for he's become a servant himself, a servant of this false sea god whom fools idolize."

    "We already have a sea god, and His name is Esman," said the Stewardess, nodding to her daughter in agreement. "Waterbenders like us owe our allegiance to Him in perpetuity."

    "Why was I summoned here, Mother?" Eloric finally looks up.

    "Relinquish your heresy. Return to Castle Sirian and you'll be treated with kindness and respect, as you always were. If you want more of a role in government or in the true faith, we'll give you that role. As it is now, you're gradually becoming an enemy of the Realm ... I love my son. Come back to your mother."

    "I'm finally treated with respect as the High Priest. I belong there, Mother. Your kindness and respect has always been conditional and will remain conditional until you die, when all kindness and respect left for me in Loth Sirian fades away. With respect, I decline your offer. I know where I belong."
    That night, it is said that Eloric poisoned his father during a private audience with him. The culprit was identified as a heavy use of a caustic hair product that was never meant to be ingested. The Great Sea Realm then officially passed onto Eloric's older brother, Ponteric II, who was across the sea at Castle Ronda.

    Eloric then traveled to Castle Ronda before Ponteric knew he was the new Steward of the Great Sea
    Realm. After dinner with his brother and sister-in-law Davila, he slit Ponteric's throat and captured Davila, intending to marry her. He then called the Servants of Dodeum to Castle Ronda, establishing a home base of operations, and had letters sent to his mother and sisters, demanding that they renounce their claims over the Realm and move elsewhere.

    "But you cannot surrender to him, Deo! He is our enemy now, our enemy who poisoned our father and murdered our brother!" says Stesana, visibily upset.

    "Yes, he's been killing members of our family one by one. I'm not the kind of person to take that lightly! If he threatens me, I will do whatever I can to make sure he no longer threatens me! He can have the Stewardship. I do not want it!" Deo replied. "I do not want to end up dead like the Ponterics of the family."

    "Everyone ends up dead. Ponteric, Ponteric, Eloric, Eloric, Deosithia, Deosithia. It's better to end up dead fighting the person who's been killing your family than end up dead in a random bed at the edge of civilization when you're old and unable to move or speak. You must fight for your family or else your family must fight

    "He's ordered that I marry a lord of Ravenal. The East will be kind to me. I'm the third child, Stesana! I was going to be shipped off to a nobleman anyway."

    Stesana turned away from her sister, looking through the window out to the city. The sun shined bright that day, but the tide was high. Eloric was coming. "Then I will be Stewardess. Go marry a lord of Ravenal. From this day forth, you will no longer be a Diothon. You're disinherited, just like Eloric." Stesana walked away, closing the door behind her.

    The huge door to the throne room at Castle Sirian opened, and in walked Eloric the Usurper, Eloric the High Priest of the Great Sea Temple, Servant of Dodeum, who styled himself Eloric II, and several other Servants of Dodeum.

    Argaph the High Councilor rose from his seat next to the Stewardess, Lady Hexen, and Deo. "You are in the presence of Stesana the First of House Diothon, Stewardess of the Great Sea Realm, Protector of the Ancient Flame, Custodian of the Six Island Temples, and Lady Paramount of Loth Sirian. Please kneel and state your business here."

    Eloric started speaking. "I come--"

    Kneel and state your business," interrupted Argaph. "In that order."

    "I come ... to claim what is mine."

    Stesana laughed. "Oh, little brother, is this your revenge for not being Mother and Father's favorite child? We all know that title belonged to me, as do all the titles so kindly mentioned by the High Councilor," Stesana said. "If you came to claim what is yours, you may leave, for you no longer own anything here. As you heard, those titles are currently occupied, and as you can see, this throne is currently occupied. Perhaps you forgot that my first decree as Stewardess was to strip you of all titles given to you by right of birth. You, sadly, are no longer a lord of Loth Sirian. I am the Lady Paramount of Loth Sirian, and you are trespassing in my city."

    Lady Hexen raised her eyebrows and exchanged looks with the High Councilor. She did not expect her daughter to be a queen of this ferocity.

    "But, being a just ruler, a mere servant of the Great Sea Realm, I will not force you to leave. Instead you will be my prisoner. So you will kneel before me and accept my offer." Stesana glared down at her younger brother the usurper.

    "And why would I do that? The Servants of Dodeum are the strongest militia currently in this city. How will you defend yourself against them when your army is at Castle Ronda, where you sent them? It's a shame your spies never notified you that I was heading this way so soon. Would you like to know
    why they never notified you?" Eloric smirked, thinking himself clever.

    "I didn't allow you in the castle so you could brag about the things you did to spies loyal to the Realm. Kneel, and this won't end poorly for you."

    "I will not kneel. My army will tear this castle to shreds if I ask them to. But I suppose it is my family home and that wouldn't look so good for a future Steward of the Great Sea Realm. Therefore I will show my mercy and demand a duel. You and I, sister, will decide the fate of this city, this realm, this Great Sea. If you win, you will get to imprison me and all the Servants of Dodeum. You will have complete control over my fate. But if I win, you will give all of your titles to me and leave the Realm immediately."

    "I accept." Stesana rose from her throne and removed her regal cape.

    "But my lady, you mustn't," began Argaph the High Councilor, warning Stesana not to fight her brother one-on-one.

    "I can win against my brother, Argaph. He is no longer a Diothon; he is weak."

    Eloric and Stesana walked towards each other as the rest of court surrounded the center of the throne room, where the duel would take place. Both were waterbenders of great skill, as both received a regal education in history, politics, diplomacy, and combat, but Stesana had always been stronger. She wondered what Eloric had up his sleeve this time. He was clever, but Stesana could usually see right through the people she knew best. Weapons were also used to augment their waterbending, but both had only swords and no bows, so weapon combat had to be done only at a close range.

    The countdown approached zero, and suddenly both waterbenders drew whips from the pools lining the throne room floor.

    Stesana repeatedly bulldozed over her brother with waves of ice and dragged him around the throne room like a rag doll, but Eloric got in occasional hits against his sister. He dodged two rings of water sent flying in his direction, which allowed him to surge up towards his sister and attack her with his sword. Surprised but not flustered, Stesana blocked the attack with her own sword, a rapier forged by her grandfather Eloric I under the stars. Because she was a superior swordswoman, Stesana grinned and repelled her brother's attack, sending him falling backwards. She then lunged forward with a long sweep of her rapier, which was just barely blocked by Eloric. She did this several times, sometimes sending blasts of water in her brother's face to further debilitate him. Stesana eventually disarmed Eloric, who then fell onto the ground in a puddle of water. There were cuts and bruises all over his body from this labored battle with his stronger sister, and he was almost ready to capitulate. Almost.

    An arrow flew into Stesana's left shoulder, an attack from one of the Servants of Dodeum. The arrow struck with such force that it knocked Stesana off of her feet; her body hit the stone floor of her own throne room with a thud, and Deo screamed.

    Immediately, Stesana's mother Deosithia knew what to do. She and her remaining guards rushed over to Stesana and attempted to carry her out of the castle and out of the city, but they had to face the surge of the Servants of Dodeum rushing to come to Eloric's aid. What resulted was an encounter between the heavily armored guards of Stesana and the more humbly armored Servants of Dodeum, who had more numbers.

    "Get my daughter out of the city!" yelled Lady Deosithia of Hexen, who personally fought off some of the Servants with the High Councilor Argaph. Stesana's remaining bodyguards ran off to escape the castle with their wounded Stewardess.

    Deo was quickly captured by Servants, Eloric got back on his feet, and Argaph was eventually
    stabbed to death. Deosithia was able to freeze many of her assailants before sprinting after her wounded daughter and the bodyguards, shipping safe passage to Castle Ronda.
    Stesana Diothon would heal from her arrow wound after her mother and loyal guards took a ship to Castle Ronda, where her brother Ponteric lived. There she would reunite with her army to lead an attack against her brother the usurper, who was then officially crowned Eloric the Second, Steward of the Great Sea Realm. The war for the Great Sea had just begun.

    Thanks for reading.
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